All the Tips & Tricks For Spray Tanning

Sep 13, 2020 | Blog

It might be three days before the big day, two days before family photos, or the day of when you that special someone finally asks you on a last-minute dinner date. Whatever the occasion, a spray tan has got you covered. Literally. All of our Beaches Tanning Center locations offer both Versa and Mystic automated spray booths. Before you dive in, lotion hands and hair nets first, let’s go over a few tips and tricks of the spray tan trade.

Whether you’re a first-time sprayee or have been getting them twice a week since you were twelve you’ve probably questioned what wizardry is behind an artificial bronze.

How does a Spray booth work?

Once your booth warms up, it will welcome you inside directing you to stand in a few positions as a fine mist evenly coats you from head to toe. That mist is Dihydroxyacetone, also known as DHA. When applied, DHA reacts with surface layer skin cells to temporarily darken your color, producing a near-instant tan. As the skin naturally sheds, this artificial color will fade in 5-7 days.


The following tips & tricks are designed to get you the most out of that time with your sunless sunkissed skin!


Top Spray Tanning Tips


Tip #1: Spray at the right time.

DHA is a gradually developing product. When you step out of the booth you will notice no immediate color unless you’ve opted for an additional instant bronzer. Post-spray tanners should avoid water for a minimum of 4 hours while their color oxidizes. The longer you wait the darker you’ll be! If you have a pool party or plan to workout – don’t spray right before. The DHA will wash off your skin and leave nothing left to develop.

Our fav? Spray at night, sleep in it, and shower in the morning!


Tip #2: Exfoliate/ Shave/ Wax 18-24 hours before your spray

This gives hair follicles enough time to heal/close, allows PH levels to rebalance, and guarantees the most consistent overall tan!


Tip #3: Go bare

While the appeal of a quick mid-day spray can be tempting, plan to wipe your face clean. Wearing less foundation will allow the spray solution to evenly saturate the face ensuring an even bronze from head to toe. Coming straight from work or the gym? Have no fear, Beaches is here! Baby wipes are provided in all of our rooms to easily remove any unwanted make-up pre-session.


Tip #4: What you wear matters

Struggling to pull jeans over wet legs post-shower rush = the worst. We’ve all been there. The same concept applies to spray tanning. The general rule of thumb is don’t wear anything white or tight to your spray session. While DHA needs interaction with your skin to fully develop, it can rub off on white clothing while in the drying phase. If this happens, don’t panic! The spray can be easily removed from clothing in the wash.

So what do you wear IN the booth?

The short answer: Whatever makes you comfortable. Some tanners prefer the natural tan line a swimsuit creates while others go fully nude. Keep in mind, whatever you wear in the booth WILL get temporarily stained.


Tricks for the BEST spray tan


Trick 1: No lotion. No deodorant.

 We know it’s tough but…leaving out those two things will allow for full even coverage of spray tan. Try using the barrier cream lotion provided on hands and feet only and wiping elbows and knees after exiting the booth.


Trick 2: Swap over the counter shave foams for a tan extending shave lotion such as “No Apologies.”

While OTC products are full of harsh alcohols and exfoliators that cause premature fading, Designer Skin products are specially formulated to maintain your glow!! And don’t you dare forget to moisturize! Moisturized skin is happy skin!


Trick 3: Double-dip! No, not the ice-cream cone.

Double dipping is a term used when you cocktail a UV bed and Spray session. By laying in a UV bed for even five minutes you allow your pores to be opened and ph levels to be naturally balanced, creating the perfect canvas for spray absorption.


Be sure to implement these tan tips and tricks at your next spray session and let us know what you think! For photos and pricing on both our Mystic and Versa booths hop on over to our sunless spray tanning page.  We’ll see you soon at the beach!