Cancel my Beach Club

Cancel My Beach Club

My Beach Club Cancellation


I understand that I am required to cancel my membership by 11:59pm MST on the 15th day of the month to avoid a draft on the first day of the following month. I understand this form is required, as all cancellations must be done in writing.

Any cancellation received after the 15th day of the month will not be effective the following month. For example, if you cancel on February 16th, your March payment will be drafted, and your billing and services will end on March 31st.

If billing continues after cancellation, you must notify Beaches Tanning Center within 90 days. A copy of your written cancellation will be required to dispute the draft amounts.

By completing this form, I am requesting to cancel my Beach Club membership. I understand I will be billed regular monthly dues for the next month if the proper cancellation requirements have not been met.

Please keep your e-mail confirmation for your records. This will be sent to you following completion of this form. Thank you!