Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prep for my spray tan?
  • Shave/wax 18-24 hours prior to coming in
  • Exfoliate to remove all dead skin
  • Wear loose fitting clothing
  • Read more here
    What do I wear during my UV tan session?

    Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! Some tanners prefer to go fully nude while others wear undergarments or swimwear. It’s a personal preference and totally up to you! Don’t forget to use one of our UV specific lotions formulated to protect, prolong, and perfect your tanning process. You can learn more about the importance of UV lotion here.

    How long does it take to build a base in a UV bed?
    Multiple factors play into how quickly you will build a tan base including:

    • Skin type
    • Bed preferences
    • Skincare

    For most tanners, it typically takes 3-5 sessions.

    How do I cancel/freeze my membership?
    You can make changes to your Beach Club membership at any time here or email [email protected].

    NOTE: You must CANCEL BY THE 15TH OF THE MONTH to avoid being charged for the following month.

    What day is my auto draft pulled for my Beach Club membership?
    Regardless of the day you signed up for your beach club, your monthly dues will always be pulled on the first.
    Is there a fee to unfreeze my Beach Club membership?

    No! You will only pay the prorated price for the rest of the month on the day you choose to unfreeze. Monthly dues will resume on the first of the following month.