Sunless Spray Tanning

You’re only 5 minutes from fabulous with our quick, easy, airbrush spray tans. We offer both Mystic HD and Versa Pro private automated booths. With multiple base levels and a range of additives to choose from our expert tanning consultants will help create the perfect cocktail of glow unique to your skin.


New to spraying? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips to a flawless first!

Shave/Wax 18-24 hours prior to coming in

This gives hair follicles enough time to heal/close, allows PH levels to rebalance and guarantees the most consistent over all tan

Exfoliate to remove all dead skin.

Come in with clean dry skin. Avoid using lotion before your session as it can create a barrier between skin and spray.

Wear loose fitting clothing

To prevent rubbing after your session, wear clothing that is loose fitting and easy to put on.

After Care

Just as important as prep work is the after care in contributing to the longevity of your tan. Here’s a few things to know for your glow!

Wait a minimum of 4 hours to shower

DHA takes 4-6 hours to develop so showering or any wetting of the skin prior to this time will stunt your tans growth. For darkest results wait up to 24 hours.


HOT water, scrubs and shaving.
Exfoliation, salt and chlorine will strip your color faster.

Moisture is key

Give your skin what it craves. HYDRATION. Use a professional daily moisturizer or tan extender. Avoid products that are oil, alcohol or sulphate based..

Mystic HD Sunless Tan

Versa Spa Pro sunless Tan