What you need to know about CBD oil and tanning

Dec 16, 2020 | Blog

Go green for the holidays with the holistic benefits of CBD oil. It’s the latest buzzword but what’s all that buzz about? What can CBD do? Is it safe? Is it smelly? And what does this have to do with skincare or tanning??


Know your product

What is CBD oil, and is it legal? CBD is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. It is then mixed with hemp, olive oil, or coconut oil all of which enhance the effectiveness and make for an easier application. Unlike THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD will NOT cause any high or mind-altering effects making the distribution of CBD products legal in all 50 states.


Be careful when you purchase CBD oil. The FDA-regulated name that should be on the label is cannabidiol or CBD Isolate. Look out for “CBD-enriched” labels that contain little to no actual CBD extract.


The Benefits: What CBD can do for you!

A 2017 study found CBD contains tons of antioxidants making it an incredible anti-inflammatory aid! It is commonly used for muscle soreness and inflammation. Many athletes use it topically to reduce joint and muscle pain.


While there are many causes and factors that trigger acne, it is also considered an inflammation of the skin. Not only will CBD oil help soothe facial redness and swelling, but a 2014 study by the Journal of Clinical Investigations (JCI) discovered it greatly reduces the oil produced by your skin. Less oily skin sounds fantastic, right?


CBD and Tanning

CBD has some incredible benefits for tanning! The top three are:
1. A smoother lotion application – when you mix CBD oil with your favorite Designer Skin tanning lotion, you’ll experience a smoother, cleaner application.
2. Sensitive Skin – Tanning lotions can sometimes cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. Adding CBD oil to your lotion will counteract those effects helping any discomfort subside.
3. Anti-aging – CBD also has antioxidant properties. Reduce visible signs of aging
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