Glowing Down the Aisle

Jul 25, 2019 | Blog

Your wedding day is one of the most important ones in your life, especially in terms of most photographed. This might mean that you want to look your best with a healthy glow on your big day. Depending on whether you would like to have a natural base tan or a spray tan, we might recommend a few different things.

If you are looking to build your base tan, we recommend you start building the tan a few weeks ahead of time, so that you have the desired color you want for the big day. We typically suggest tanning 3x week for 3 weeks to really build a good tan. Trying to tan too much too fast, could result in burning and not a good even tan, which could ruin your big day. We also recommend using a good tanning lotion to get the desired color you want, and finishing up with a smoothing tan extending lotion! These will help hydrate the skin and maintain your color.

If you are looking to get a spray tan, we recommend first getting a spray tan a few weeks before. That way you will be able to determine if the color is right for you for your big day. If you feel as though you were happy with the color, how you looked and felt – then you will want to get the same color 1 or 2 days before your wedding day. Before you get your spray tan, we recommend scheduling your waxing, manicures, facials, and pedicures, to help not fade the tan.

We also recommend to begin exfoliating the skin weekly and following up with a hydrating lotion before going to bed; this will help keep your skin soft and smooth.

Your wedding day is a big day, so spoil and treat yourself like the bride to be you are ????, which could include the treatment to spa services to help you relax and rejuvenate before the big day.

Congratulations on your big day!