How to Prepare Your Skin for a Spray Tan

May 30, 2019 | Blog

Many times people will head into a tanning salon to get a spray tan for the very first time. That first time is very intimidating because you do not know what to expect, what to wear, and how to prepare for before and after your tan. Well, whether it is your first time going in to get a spray tan or you want to perfect your spray tan, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Try to prepare your skin by exfoliating (especially the driest areas including the knees, elbows, hands, and feet), shaving, and getting a manicure or pedicure before a spray tan.
2. Be sure not to moisturize before you go in for your spray tan, this could cause any type of splotchy spots. Be careful that somebody washes or soaps will leave a residue on the skin that will also block out the spray tan.
3. When you show up for your spray tan, make sure you are free of makeup, deodorant, and perfume, these will prevent the absorption of DHA. Try to wear loose, dark clothing to help prevent the tan rubbing off in odd spots. If possible, try to wear nail polish to help keep your nails from discoloration.

1. Once in the private room, undress to your level of comfort, if you choose to spray a swimsuit or some clothes on – make sure they are dark clothes that you do not mind having stained.
2. Make sure you wear the disposable hair net provided, and if you decide to purchase some priming lotion – use that first to help prepare your skin for better absorption.
3. Apply the Barrier cream that is provided in the room to prepare for your spray tan. Apply a light layer of the cream in areas where skin tends to be rougher – your hands, fingers, feet, toes, and sides of feet. This will help keep from discoloration.
4. Our machines are voice-guided and will help walk you through step-by-step of the tanning process.

1. After your spray tan, avoid water – rain, bathing, working out or swimming for at least 4 hours. Once you decide to rinse off the spray tan solution, be sure to rinse free of soaps for the first shower, and be sure not to scrub. When drying off, try to pat dry instead of rubbing as this will help preserve the tan.
2. Be sure to use tan extending lotion with the highest quality of ingredients, such as a hemp lotion that will give extremely good skin care benefits and intense moisture.
3. If possible try to avoid harsh oils, chemicals, and swimming in pools and oceans – but if your tan does start to fade, you can use some at home tanning lotion or spray to help keep your tan glowing.

If you still have any questions about getting your spray tan at Beaches – we would love to answer anything else you need to know!