Stand-Up Versus Lay-Down Tanning Beds

Oct 3, 2019 | Blog

In every Beaches salon, we have many different tanning beds for you to choose from, and one of the main questions people have is “what is the difference between a stand-up or a lay-down tanning bed?” If you haven’t had the chance to experience both of those, you may be confused as to which option would be the right choice for you.

Most of the time, it comes down to preference. Both types of tanning beds will give you a natural-looking tan, just depending on the experience you desire!

Choosing a Lay-Down Tanning Bed

– Lay down beds allow for you to relax and rest – even take a short nap while in the bed. Choosing the relaxing option can make you feel as though you are laying on the beach, taking the time to really rest! Lay Down Sessions last anywhere from 12 -15 minutes, giving you time to rest and relax during your day.

– Some lay-down beds can be small for some people, not allowing for people to fully spread out or put their arms out – making sure there aren’t white lines from arms staying next to your side.

– Some lay-down tanning beds also have bulbs that are not as intense, which have longer session times. Some people choose to have a longer-lasting session to increase relaxation, while still getting a beautiful tan.

– Lastly, using a lay-down tanning bed will create pressure points. Pressure points can cause some undesired white spots on the back of your shoulders, on the lower back, and other places. Pressure points are created when laying down, as this prevents the UV rays from being fully absorbed by the skin and can create small spots or creases.

Choosing a Stand-Up Tanning Bed

– A stand-up tanning bed required you to stand in place for the entire duration of the session. Many people feel as though these types of beds are not as relaxing, as you don’t get to rest during it.

– Lights in a stand-up can be more intense, which means the sessions could be shorter. Having a shorter session can be great for wanting a quick tan on the go – same results in a quicker time frame.

– Many times, people that use stand-up beds get a more even tan, as all areas of skin are exposed to UV light.

While working to get the tan you desire, if you have any questions or need help deciding what would be the best option for you.