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Beaches Sun Services

Add some color to your life by coming to Beaches Tanning Center!
Indulge in the ultimate outer body experience by taking 15 minutes to lay down in one of our luxury tanning beds.
Even on a snowy day you can escape to warmth and a sun kissed glow at Utah’s best tanning center.
All of our salons offer top of the line tanning equipment and products at affordable prices!

Unlimited Tanning Beach Club

Tanning Equipment



+ Best unit with high pressure body lamps
+ High pressure facial, shoulder and neck tanners
+ Air conditioned with an open atmosphere
+ Provided deepest darkest tan
+ iPod hookup – 3D sound system with sub woofer
+ 10-12 minute max time
+ All Sunless Included


+ Provides quick deep tan
+ High pressure facial tanners
+ Air conditioned
+ Sound system with headphone connection


+ Stand up unit
+ Minimizes pressure points and tan lines
+ Comfort cooling systems
+ High pressure facial tanners


+ High pressure facial tanners
+ 20 minute max time

UV Tanning

Whether you’re prepping for a sun filled vacation or just hoping to look like you returned from one. Fighting that land locked blue or looking to boost your mood. Whatever your reason, we’ve got a bed for you! Created with your comfort in mind, ergonomically correct curvature, high end cooling systems and aux hookups, our innovative, high-tech Ergoline beds take you on a brief escape of warmth and serenity while reaching your desired level of bronze.

Single Tan Pricing & UV Equipment