Cocoon Wellness Spa

Engulf yourself in a cozy pod of holistic wellness while burning calories:

– Programs range from a simple 15 minute power nap to a 20 minute weight loss session with the option to add an extra 10min for $7
– Dry heat sauna increases heart rate and core body temp to maximize caloric burn and activate HSP (heat shock proteins)
– Increased perspiration for detoxification
– Tourmaline and jade stones line the pod to help fight inflammation and boost your immune system
– The Infrared heat/light + a vibrating ergonomic curvature bottom work in unison to help increase blood flow and circulation allowing for quick muscle recovery and easing of joint pain

Wellness Cocoon

Cocoon - Wellness Pro

Free with Diamond Level Beach Club

Helps with weight loss – detoxification – relaxation

Purifies skin & improves circulation

20 – 30 minute spa treatment

* available at most locations