What in the World is Tan ‘Til the End of the Year?!

Oct 17, 2019 | Blog

You are certainly asking the right question. If you don’t already know what Tan ‘Til the End of the Year consists of – you came to the right place.

Beginning yesterday, October 16th, our Tan ‘Til the End of the Year deal goes on sale, which is SO very exciting. Basically, you pay one LOW price for unlimited tanning from October 16th until December 31st – that is basically 2 FREE months of tanning! This way you won’t have to worry about purchasing your Beach Club or having to go spray tanning before Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve! It is one of our all-time favorite deals we do every year because it is SO awesome!

The pricing for October 16th until November 12th is:

Silver: $49

Gold & Spray: $59

Spray & Spa: $69

Platinum: &79

Diamond: $89 (Price drops to $79 from November 1st-12th)

The last day to be able to purchase this deal is the 12th of November, but why would you not buy it in October so that you have more time to take full advantage of the deal! ????

Even if you were planning to get a spray tan for each of the 4 different holidays coming up, buying the Tan ‘Til deal is a better bargain – and you get spa services with it too! ????????

On the 1st of January, regular Beach Club dues will be drafted – IF you do NOT want to be charged then, you need to make sure you FREEZE or cancel your Beach Club by December 15th!

We hope you are all excited about the Tan ‘Til deal for the end of the year because we surely are!

Let’s finish this year right – tan and happy!