What’s The Tea on Tinglers?

Dec 10, 2018 | Blog

Tingle products increase the skin cell’s micro-circulation and oxygenation to produce deep, dark tanning results with a warming, tingling sensation.

How they work:

The active ingredient in tingle lotions is Benzyl Nicotinate. Benzyl Nicotinate works by increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin which in turn affects the production of melanin (what determines pigment in your skin) The more melanin, the darker your color.

Ever notice how you can spend all day lounging in a sun chair with minimal results meanwhile the wild child running around next to you is a perfectly bronzed marshmallow by noon?? Or how you swear your indoor tanning  results are two fold after a good gym sesh? Same concept.

Increase in blood flow = blood to the surface = more melanin = more color.

The increase of blood and oxygen to your skins surface has other effects as well like redness, which usually fades within an hour of applying, and an itching/burning sensation. If you have a low pain tolerance or are prone to sensitive skin tinglers are not for you.

So who should use them? 

Experienced tanners, people looking for a quick deep dark tan and anyone experiencing localized lack of color. i.e Hard to tan areas like legs and pressure points.You know that butterfly above your bum or those two polka dots between your shoulder blades that don’t seem to tan no matter what you do? Yep, those are pressure points.

What causes pressure points? Lack of circulation/blood flow. Points on your body that hold the most weight while laying in a tanning bed will have less circulation therefore less color.. That’s where tinglers come in!

Personal Recommendation:

I LOVE tinglers!! I also love face washes that I can “feel” are working and mouthwashes that have a slight burn.

If you’re not big into “no pain no gain” but still a wee bit curious we recommend you start out slow: Apply your regular tanning lotion FIRST then cocktail in a tingler lotion on a stubborn less sensitive area (legs below the knee) see how you like it & adjust next time for more or less sensation.

Ruby by Designer Skin is hands-down my favorite, it has a silky silicone finish, a warming and delayed cooling complex. It’s just what I need for these chilly nights!

All tinglers are not created equal, sensation can very in intensity so be sure to chat with your Beaches Tanning Consultant before deciding on the one that right for you. Always wash your hands well after application and before handling children or pets as tingling effects CAN transfer. Last but not least, if you can’t stand the heat, take a cold shower!!! (Hot water will open your pores causing the sensation to intensify rather than die down.) 

Happy Tanning!