A Ray of Light Through the Years

Aug 8, 2019 | Blog

Can you imagine a time where people would actually want to have fair skin? Before the 1920s tanning wasn’t in popular demand, but a vacation in France let Coco Chanel introduce that bronze skin is in. Over the years tanning has become a phenomenon that keeps just keeps getting better. From the last decade or so we’ve noticed that having a tan is like a new fashion trend – that isn’t going out of style any time soon. The tanning business today is a multibillion-dollar business! So, why is that?

retro babesPut aside all the myths we’ve heard about tanning and let’s look at the positive benefits of why we go tanning and how it has changed over the decades. *cue in Katy Perry’s California Girls song* We for sure can thank Katy Perry for her unforgettable song about bikinis and sun-kissed skin but tanned skin goes way back. In the 1930s tanning began to be a part of people’s lives and in the late 1940s Californians were hosting people parties with the sole purpose of getting a tan. Skipping to the ’70s when the first UV tanning bed was first invented. The year where Americans had gone tan mad. But who can blame them? Doesn’t everyone look better tan or is it just me? In the 1980s tanning was part of the American culture. In addition, in 1990 premium tanning lotions were released and has only become more and more essential.

Next stop: the 2000’s. UV tanning was the biggest craze. How easy for celebrities and stay at home moms to get the post-vacation tan without leaving their state – better yet city! Today, tanning salons are in popular demand for everyone who wants to feel better about themselves with a great tan. From college spring breakers to prep their skin for the sun or for getting ready for their wedding day a tanning salon is the best stop before that big day. We can officially say the era for porcelain beauty is out and bronze skin is in.

tanning gogglesTanning has changed immensely over the years! We can see some modifications through the types of ultraviolet (UV) rays in tanning beds. At Beaches Tanning Center we offer four different levels of beds that each have a special percentage of UVA and UVB rays. [Bonus fact: UVB rays can actually trigger transformation in your skin to convert into vitamin D.] Tipsfortanning.com actually states that it is generally agreed that tanning beds are safer than exposing yourself to the ultraviolet rays of the sun because of the lamps only omitting a certain amount of less harmful rays than what it would be like to getting exposed to the sun. Of course, UV bed tanning should be used responsibly no matter what season it is.

Tanning has come a long way from getting first introduced to sun-kissed skin to having top of the line UV beds to help you achieve your greatest bronze color. Beaches Tanning Center is all about making sure someone feels good from the moment they step inside the salon to when they leave. If you haven’t been in to one of our salons yet – make sure to stop on in. We have knowledgeable tanning consultants who want to help you get the color your skin deserves.