Come In and Relax

Aug 15, 2019 | Blog

We often get confused looks when saying anything Cocoon related. And if you haven’t been into Beaches to try it, you probably are already confused. It starts off with the puzzled looks then goes to the questions of what is it, how does it work, why would I use it, how does it benefit me, and do I get tan in it? We’ve heard all of the far-fetched questions on what the cocoon is. The Wellness Pro Cocoon is exactly what it sounds like. So here are five facts about the Cocoon that will make you just want to live in it (after you try it).

FACT 1: It is great for post-workout. When getting in the Cocoon we lay on this contoured bed that lays us down perfectly for relaxation. When the session starts, we have a few different options – and who doesn’t love options? My personal favorite is the vibration intensity in the Cocoon. Having the bed vibrate helps with a few special things like pain relief and muscle tension; which is why it’s great for after our intense workouts. We can also think of our own personal massage and what could be better than that?

FACT 2: Pink. Himalayan. Salt. When I first tried the Cocoon, I was really interested in the salt rock that lit up at the bottom of the bed. As I did more research, I found out that pink Himalayan salt lamps help with a plethora of things. It helps with stress, depression, and anxiety. And if that isn’t enough it also takes out negative ions in the air. I know what you’re thinking, NEGATIVE IONS. Hear me out – the pink Himalayan salt grabs out all the negative ions in the air we get from our cell phones, radios, televisions, etc. How detoxifying that?!

FACT 3: Another good reason to use the Cocoon is if anyone is trying to keep up on weight management. If so, crank up the infrared heat. The Wellness Pro Cocoon can get up to 180-degrees Fahrenheit. The infrared lighting is equivalent to a personal dry sauna. This exposure will help accelerate our heart rate, speeding the circulation of blood and can speed up metabolism. The dry infrared heat more so hugs you leaving room to meditate and relax – not leaving you in an unbreathable heatwave.  Release the day’s worries in a more sufficient way.

FACT 4: Endless features. Like I said before, who doesn’t love options?! The Wellness Pro Cocoon is mounted with an LCD (liquid crystal display) touch screen. This display gives four presets programs to pick from including; relax, power nap, wellness, and fitness. The great thing throughout the session is that it is all customizable. Turn the heat down or turn the vibration massage up no one is going to judge you. And no worries if the heat is up because we have a cooling facial air system set up to where you can feel relaxed. An aroma system, ergonomic comforting contour bed, enriched air system… the list goes on!

FACT 5: The Wellness Pro Cocoon is available at most of our Beaches Tanning Center locations and can be purchased as a single session or a 10 pass and included in our Gold + Spa Beach Club, Spray + Spa Beach Club or our Diamond Beach Club.

Just got done with a workout? – Cocoon. Just had a long workday? – Cocoon. Stressed about a big move? – Cocoon. Just want to relax? – Cocoon. You don’t need a reason to Cocoon you just need 20 minutes to get in there and enjoy it. We love our Cocoon! If you haven’t tried it yet get into a Beaches Tanning Center near you and try it. I promise it’ll be worth it.

•TIP: Stay Hydrated! It is recommended to drink 8 oz before and after each Cocoon spa session.