Can I Get a Spray Tan with a Sunburn?

Jun 20, 2019 | Blog

Now that we are creeping up on the hottest months here in Utah, we need to be careful in protecting our skin from burning by using SPF sunscreens, staying in shade, and keeping hydrated. Even though sometimes, sunburns can be inevitable, we may still have an event coming up in which we want to look nice and tan for. If you want to make sure you can glow and get that perfect spray tan, ensure when you are out in the sun, you are always using sunscreen!

If your sunburn is so bad that peeling will happen no matter what, covering the burn with a spray tan is not going to protect it from peeling further. If you apply a spray tan over your sunburn, the visual impact of it as it peels will be much more noticeable.

Spray tan solution has DHA in it to produce the tan, which can also dry out your skin, even more, causing peeling to occur quicker. Your skin is most likely in a very fragile state and may be sensitive, so adding a spray tan is not going to help.

We recommend you give your skin time to heal with intense moisturizers, aloe, and hydration to hopefully heal the sunburn quicker. Once your skin seems to be back to its normal state, go ahead and get that spray tan you have been wanting – as then you won’t have to worry about your new tan peeling away.

If you have other questions about spray tanning and if your skin is prepared for it, all of our tanning consultants will certainly be able to help figure out what is best for you.

Happy Tanning!