Red, White, & Blue Looks Better on a Tan

Jun 27, 2019 | Blog

Can you believe it is officially summer and The Fourth of July is just a week away? Is your skin ready to show next week? We all know we don’t want to show up for the holiday matching someone we know – Casper the friendly ghost…

You still have time to get some color and make sure your skin is looking fresh and fine for the holiday. If you wanted to get a natural glow – you could use a tanning bed and build up your color for the next week – while using some awesome bronzing lotions to help get that color.

If you were looking for immediate color, you could also do a Double Dip session where you use a UV tanning bed and then get a spray tan right after. This would result in a great bronze color that will keep your tan looking fresh.

If you were headed somewhere for the holiday, bringing a bottle of self-tanning lotion could be a great way to get your bronze color. Using the Island Kyssed self-tanning lotion or spray we have, will help give you a deep tropical tan anywhere you go!

You still have plenty of time to get the dark tan you want, before going to that Fourth of July party you have been looking forward to all year!

Enjoy your holiday and remember red, white, & blue looks better on a tan!