Debunking Myths About Spray Tans

Jul 4, 2019 | Blog

Many people are afraid of getting a spray tan due to the many misconceptions that surround them. Uncovering the truth of a spray tan can help relax the nerves of getting your first one!

Spray tans fade too quickly and are not worth it.

The life of your spray tan is entirely dependent on how well you prepare your skin and take care of your tan after. Ensuring that skin is exfoliated, free of hair, and your body is hydrated will help your spray tan be absorbed much more. Waiting the correct amount of time after the spray tan to allow for it to develop fully, will also help ensure you are getting the best results.
Making sure not to scrub, use exfoliators, or rub with a towel will keep your tan from fading. Lastly, using a tan extending lotion will help extend the life of your tan greatly and moisturize your skin to keep it hydrated.

Spray tans look fake and unnatural.

Most people are afraid of getting a spray tan in fear of turning a horrendous, unnatural shade of orange. This is a simple fix that can be controlled with the proper high-quality ingredients and talking more with your tanning consultant to find the perfect spray tan formula for you. We want to make sure you get the best spray tan, so we can help recommend the right shade and additives for your skin tone. Our automated spray tan booths are designed to spray with an airbrush technology to give you that all over glow – no missed splotches making it look fake. With the addition of bronzers such as the Island Kyssed, this can help give your tan more of a natural violet undertone which will work with your skin to counter any orange hue that may be apparent from the spray tan.

If it is your first spray tan or you are hesitant about the results, we recommend starting with a lighter color first, and you can always go darker next time. When the light color begins to fade, it won’t be as noticeable and you can work your way up to a darker tan.

Spray tans are dangerous.

In order for a spray tan to be dangerous to you – you would have to swallow a large amount of spray tan mist. If you are worried about breathing in the solution, you can make sure your mouth is closed, use nose filters, and use goggles, but a quick spray won’t do you much harm. In fact, a spray tan will give you that instant color without the ongoing exposure to UV rays – making spray tans a much healthier alternative.

Spray tans are messy and can leave your skin blotchy.

With our automated spray tan booths, there is nothing messy about getting it. The airbrush technology is sprayed at a quick speed and then a heated dryer passes over the spray afterward to help dry swiftly. Professional solutions are formulated to dry fast so that you can continue about your day within a few minutes of receiving your spray tan. If you are worried about the spray sticking to areas where it can look unnatural, protect them by using barrier cream and making sure to wash your hands afterward.

Spray tans are a way to give you a boost of confidence and instant color. If you still have questions or concerns about spray tans, please don’t hesitate to ask your tanning consultants at any of our 9 locations!

Happy Spray Tanning!