To DHA or not to DHA…

Jul 11, 2018 | Blog

I’m not going to lie… when I first saw DHA bronzing drops on the Beaches shelves, I was skeptical (I was also uniformed and had no idea what DHA was yet). After seeing the pocket-sized bottle sitting amongst the other DesignerSkin© products we carry at Beaches, I wrote it off. If we already offer up the finest of tanning lotions, why do we need to sell an additive??? Maybe we’re just trying to keep up with industry trends, I thought.

At the invitation of our operations manager Tiffany, I picked up the bottle and gave the label a quick glance. I needed to give this stuff a try… so off I went into a “Diamond” bed with my bottle of luxury lotion and the new drops.

About a week later, I encountered a skeptical tanner in one of our salons. He asked me what my opinion was on adding DHA drops to his men’s lotion and wanted to know if it “really works”. After my game changing experience with the drops, I found myself jumping to the product’s defense. “Everyone’s skin is unique,” I told him. How could one (or ten) bronzing lotions possibly work in favor of all skin tones and textures? They can get close… but they can’t. **This is where the DHA come in.**

What is DHA you ask? Dihydroxyacetone, and when combined with the amino acids in your skin, it causes a browning reaction. Excellent!

Sounds like a scary chemical to avoid though, right? Wrong. According to Time Magazine, Dr. Rigel (one of several experts who initially voiced his concern to ABC News following their DHA investigation), “There’s no data to show that DHA is harmful when applied topically,” Rigel says. “Pregnant women and children may want to avoid it just as a precaution, but this is benign stuff.”

My advice for the discerning tanner? Customize that tan! If you feel like your favorite lotion could be a bit bronzier or you’ve hit a tanning plateau, try adding in a few drops of DHA and watch what it does for your skin. “You’ll be basking in golden pandemonium while everyone else tries to unravel your bronzing secret.” -DesignerSkin©

Note: This product can be used with any moisturizer, lotion or sunless product for an added boost!

Posted by: Emily Alber, Beaches Tanning Center
Photo Credit: Designer Skin