Introducing Fitburn!

Jul 25, 2018 | Blog

FitBurn© is the hottest (literally) product to hit the shelves at Beaches Tanning Center this summer!

I’ve used this anti-cellulite, slimming spray three times so far in one of our dry-sauna, infrared cocoon pods… and my first experience was toasty! I could feel a tingling sensation on my stomach and my thighs during the first 10 minutes of my 30-minute session. I was excited about this one after I left Beaches in Riverton!

The second time, I couldn’t feel a noticeable difference on my skin, but I could tell I was sweating harder and much faster than I had been before. Extra calories burned; score!

Following my third visit to the cocoon, I went into a Diamond-level tanning bed for 10 minutes… and let me just say… I feel badly for whomever had to clean up that booth! “Drenched in sweat” is an understatement. This product delivers.

Science: After Googling each FitBurn© ingredient, I’ve figured out it contains Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline for skin conditioning, Sorbitol (formerly used as a surgical diuretic), Butylene Glycol for product absorption (not all cosmetic ingredients can penetrate through skin without this compound), Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract for its anti-aging properties, Caffeine to aid in circulation, Bergamia Fruit Extract (Bergamot) for a refreshing scent… the list goes on.

My opinion: Want to sweat out a few extra calories with those toxins? If “yes”, then this 360° spray is the answer. FitBurn© is an essential product to use if you want to maximize your time in our dry-sauna wellness cocoon (I’ve even heard of people using it before going to the gym). It sprays evenly, smells lightly like a designer perfume and did not irritate my typically sensitive skin. Without a doubt, this product’s extreme detoxifying properties will help give you the boost you need to up your health and wellness game!

*Fitburn© is available in 6oz spray cans at all 7 Beaches Tanning Center locations.

Posted by: Emily Alber, Beaches Tanning Center