Don’t Let Your Tan Fade into Fall

Sep 12, 2019 | Blog

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year and ensuring you keep your tan glowing and beautiful can be difficult as the summer sunshine is slowly starting to fade away. While the leaves on the trees are starting to lose their color and fade away, we don’t want your summer color to fade as well. As the temperatures start to drop, getting a fresh glow will keep you feeling fine.

Getting a spray tan as temperatures drop can be the best way to freshen up your summer glow 

  • Cut down on your time in the tanning bed and get a quick glow.
  • Maintain your natural color with the perfect shade of spray tan throughout all seasons.
  • Around the holidays, getting a quick tan in will work around your schedule.
  • Spray tans will help keep your skin moisturized in the drier months, keeping it healthy.
  • Boosting your physical and mental well-being will help keep your mind in a healthier and happier place, especially as the weather gets dark!
  • Quicker and easier than building up your tan again! This is a fun fresh color touch-up.
  • Got a wedding, date, or special occasion on short notice, getting your tan in a quick amount of tan will be the best answer.

Don’t forget, as the weather begins to change, you can maintain your glowing golden tan by getting that perfect spray tan touch-up.