Get That at-Home Glow

Sep 19, 2019 | Blog

Yes, you heard that right. Getting your glow on at home can be one of the best things. You could apply for your self-tanner at home and relax without the stress of having to put clothes back on to head home. We highly recommend using a self-tanner in the comfort of your own home to get the desired tan at any time.

One of our favorite products we recommend is the Mystic Tan Island-Kyssed Bronzer Self-Tan spray or lotion! This product is formulated with a violet undertone to give you a desired bronze color that you might get after spending some time in the tropical sun. The lotion and the spray are both designed to be delicate enough to use all over the body and on the face and nourish the skin with added Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, and Sodium PCA.

Tips for the best at-home glow

  1. Exfoliate and shave your skin a day before or a few hours before – just as you would with a spray tan.
  2. Keep your skin oil, makeup, and lotion-free before applying the self-tanner.
  3. Wear the desired level of clothing – whether that be nothing, a bathing suit, or any clothing you don’t mind staining with the self-tanner.
  4. For optimal coverage, use an Applicator Mitt to ensure stain-free hands and a streak-free tan. Also using a back-applicator will help get the coverage of your back, making sure you don’t miss anywhere for an all-over glow.
  5. When applying the lotion or spray, blend sparingly around feet, ankles, knees, and elbows to ensure a more natural look.
  6. Let dry before getting dressed to keep tan from streaking or being removed in odd spots.
  7. Wait 4-8 hours before getting wet – this includes working out, showering, and be exposed to the rain.
  8. Lastly, when washing off – avoid scrubbing, harsh soaps, and very hot water. Pat dry with a towel to keep your new tan color full of life. Using a moisturizing tan extender can also help hold the life of your tan longer.

The self-tanning lotion and spray can also be your absolute must-have while on vacation to get a quick freshen up of your tan, even when you don’t have access to Beaches with you!

If you still have questions about using self-tanners at home and about purchasing it – all tanning consultants can help in all 9 Beaches salons!