How to get your best tan outside

Jun 2, 2021 | Blog

As temperatures are warming up more people are opting outdoors to satisfy their color cravings. Whether you’re going on a trip overseas or down the street to your local pool, we’re here to help! We are breaking down the myths and sharing our top tips to ensure the most out of your Sunkissed glow!

Myth: Oil will make me tan faster

FALSE. Oil is used in the kitchen to FRY fish, veggies, and more. Why would it do anything different for your skin? Dry skin reflects light while hydrated skin absorbs it causing a quicker color process. However, unlike a UV-friendly lotion that penetrates hydration and skincare deep into the layers of skin, oil sits on the top layer acting as a barrier for sunlight and then frying your top layer. Not only will this result in a nasty burn, but once that layer drys and peels say goodbye to any color gain. There’s a reason this trend went out in the 90s. Let’s not bring it back. Listen to the experts and reach for your favorite UV bed-friendly lotion.
Tan Tip: ALL of Beaches lotions are indoor and outdoor-friendly and include skincare ingredients like collagen and aloe to nourish your skin while bronzing it

Myth: Using SPF on my face will make me pale

FALSE. Sunscreen works as a barrier between UV rays and your skin to block out some spectrum of UV light. However, no level SPF can filter out ALL light meaning there is still tanning as well as a chance of burning. We recommend using an SPF 30-50 on sensitive areas of thinner skin like your face, neck, and chest. Not only will this help get color without over-exposure but will prevent premature aging of the skin. Try layering your favorite bronzer on top of a sunscreen OR use a tinted SPF like Australian Gold’s tinted face moisturizing SPF specifically formulated for tanning.

Myth: Avoid sun exposure between 10-2

TRICK QUESTION. This rumor sprouted from the discovery of the UV index. The UV index is ranked on a scale of 1-11. The truth is anything above a 7 is potentially harmful after too much exposure (30+ mins) You’ve probably heard to avoid the outdoors between the hours of 10-2 or during “solar noon” when the UV index is at its highest. This is to avoid sunburn. But did you know that if a UV index is lower than 3 your body is not producing vitamin D??? Vitamin D has been proven to aid in
☀️ Regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus
☀️ Boost your mood
☀️ Strengthen your immune system!
All great benefits we want to soak up! The recommended dosage is 5-10 minutes outdoors in a higher index, 3 X a week.

Bottom line

To harness the full power of the sun check your UV index, opt for lotion over oil, don’t be afraid of SPF, and ALWAYS use a tan extender to hydrate after being in drying properties like salt, chlorine, and dry desert climates