Redlight, cocoons, and chairs…oh my!

May 11, 2021 | Blog

Since opening our doors in 2001, our mission at Beaches tanning center has been to provide a clean, luxurious, modern, and relaxing atmosphere for your tanning experience. We have since expanded to include so much more than just UV tanning! With the addition of time-conscious spa services, like red light therapy, wellness cocoon sessions, and zero gravity massage chairs, Beaches really is a one-stop shop.
But what are these services? What do they have to do with tanning? And how do I get the most out of my Beaches visit?

Redlight Therapy

Redlight therapy was our first “spa service” to join the clan and for good reason. Is there anything this booth can’t do?! The original beauty angel booths feature a shake plate to tone and tighten muscles, reduce cellulite, and increase circulation.
The lights increase collagen production ideal for eliminating the appearance of scars, wrinkles, pore size, and reversing skin damage. Recently the FDA approved a UV bed that alternates red light and high-pressure UV bulbs! These are ideal for our busy clientele and kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Its no wonder they are our most requested bed company-wide

Cocoon Wellness Pro

These machines may look like they’re straight out of your favorite SciFi movie but trust us the results are just as far out of this world! While the personal pods are ideal for a 20-minute nap, you can rest easy knowing you’re losing weight.
That’s right, a single session in this dry heat sauna can burn up to 300 calories! The heat raises your core body temp to maximize caloric burn and activate heat shock proteins while tourmaline jade stones reduce swelling and inflammation. The infrared light and a vibrating ergonomic curvature work in unison to not only soothe you to sleep but increase blood flow and circulation for easing joint pain.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Once you’ve zoned out in one of the pods, enjoy our zero gravity massage chairs. We saved the best for last because while you may think you know massage chairs you will be amazed at the power of these atypical machines. Need a spa day but don’t have the time or the money?
Our massage chairs rub and relax every part of you. From neck and shoulders to hand and foot massagers you will feel like you’re at a day spa while you wait for your next service.
Just like our equipment, our Beach Clubs are beyond ordinary. Our Diamond level is the best value as it includes unlimited use of ALL spa services, UV beds, and Sprays tans for just $75 a month.
No contract, no start-up fee, no jokes.
Just month-to-month sunshine goodness. Want to learn more? Visit one of our 10 locations and ask a tanning consultant how you can join the club today!
BEACH BABE INSIGHT: Your first spa service is always on us! So go ahead, treat yourself. You know you want to (: