Why You Should Use a Primer When You Tan

Apr 12, 2021 | Blog

Chances are you’ve heard the saying “tanning without lotion is like washing your hair without shampoo.” It may help but certainly won’t produce the same result! To maximize your glow during a UV session a lotion is necessary.
But what about spray tans?  You don’t want lotion on before that right? So long as your skin is clean and dry you’re all set? Wrong. There IS a lotion highly recommended for spray tanning. That’s where primers come in. Just as you prime before makeup or before painting a wall you should be priming your skin before a spray tan or, well, any tan for that matter!

 Primer benefits include:

  • Produces a more even tan/flawless finish
  • Heightens results
  • Makes your tan/bottle go further
With ingredients formulated to balance PH levels, moisturize, and smooth imperfections, a primer helps create a flawless canvas for a flawless finish. While normal lotions contain oils that can break up or block spray solution, primers add just the right amount for an even coverage. Dryer areas of the body tend to grab and hold color in a scaley speckled way.
Say hello to hydration and goodbye to over-saturated elbows.
Clean, primed skin not only reacts the best but provides the best results. This applies to bed tanning as well. Applying primer as a base before, or cocktailing with your favorite UV lotion will heighten its results! Primers can make your bronzers darker, tingles more effective, and save you product! Think of using a primer underneath the paint, the paint will go on more evenly and you will need fewer coats!
Primers are a universal partner to any glow. So whether you’re at home with your favorite bottle of sunless, hair netted up ready to hop in the spray booth, or ready to catch some rays make sure you prime.
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